I was born in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece. After completing my Bachelor studies in Biology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I moved to the Netherlands where I received a Master’s degree in Hydrology and Water Quality Management in Wageningen University as a fellow of Bodossakis Foundation. In 2011, I obtained my PhD in theoretical ecology under the supervision of Marten Scheffer and Egbert van Nes at the Department of Aquatic Ecology of Wageningen University. The past 3 years I worked as a postdoc fellow in the Estación Biológica de Doñana in Sevilla, Spain at the lab of Jordi Bascompte.

Since August 2015, I moved to Switzerland to become part of ACE: a new 2-year postdoctoral program on Adaptation to a Changing Environment in ETH Zurich.

I am broadly interested in ecological stability, tipping points, and how eco-evolutionary feedbacks may affect ecosystem resilience under global change. In particular, my research focuses on the emerging topic of indicators for resilience (or early-warning signals) for critical transitions in complex systems. I was lucky to have  been collaborating among others with Steve Carpenter, Tim Lenton, Jef Huisman, George Sugihara, Max Rietkerk, and Tony Ives. I am active member of SPARCS (the Synergy Program for Analyzing Resilience and Critical Transitions), and the Resilience Alliance Young Scholars (RAYS). I was a recipient of the Dutch Science Academy grant for participating in IIASA’s Young Scientist Summer Program in Vienna. For my postdoctoral studies in Spain, I was awarded a Dutch Rubicon postgraduate grant and a EU Marie Curie fellowship for IntraEuropean postdoctoral studies.

I live in Zurich.